Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 was a great year.

I wanted to post my top 5 lists of 2008. I know that it is already the 13th of January. I have been busy. 2008 was an exceptional year at Compound. It has been a year since I took over as full time curator at Compound. I worked on shows in the fall of 2007, but 2008 is the official starting point. It's difficult to express how great it has been. I have the opportunity to pick the artists I want and push the gallery in new directions. The Compound crew is invaluable. Big thanks to Katsu, Colten, Chris, Ira, Ren and Dell. Also a special thanks to Aki and Aya. Hanging the shows with them is a breeze.

2009 is looking super awesome. Here is a run down of the lineup. La Jolie Poupee with Adolie Day, Ciou, Candybird and Lostfish. Otuya with Tenga, Imaone and Shohei. The sculptures of J Shea. Strange Bedfellows group show. UNKLE extravaganza. Ippei Gyoubu. Pink Attitude art book show. Tokyo Night. Survival Drive with Rei Mochizuki and Hooky. Textbook History group show. Three Pins II with Krista Huot, Kana Ohtsuki and Jeni Yang. Katsuya Terada. Ren Sakurai.

Top 5 shows at Compound.
1. Alice, art from the rabbit hole.
2. Ready set go with Anneli Olander, Axelhoney, Hannah Stouffer, Juri Ueda and Tatiana Krasovski.
3. Fractal Edge with Mhak and Oeil
4. 3 pins on a map with Mijn Schatje, Oksana Badrak and Mari Kubota.
5. Masters Reborn

Top 5 new discoveries in Japan
1. Jangara
2. camu camu lemon
3. imo shochu from Kyushu
4. Heat tech from Uniqlo
5. iBlock ipod speaker

Top 5 albums
1. Santogold
2. Marnie Stern "this is it...."
3. Portishead "third"
4. Vampire Weekend
5. Those dancing days "in our space hero suits"

Top 5 movies
1. Let the right one in
2. Let the right one in
3. Let the right one in
4. Let the right one in
5. Let the right one in