Monday, May 5, 2008

Japan 2008

Hello. Welcome to the first HI-Q-RT blog. I will attempt to keep this space up to date with information about what is happening at Compound Gallery and other art related news.

I just returned from Japan. I interviewed artists for the gallery, met artists that I have previously worked with, attended some great art shows, found new products for Compound and visited family. Japan is my home away from home. I never get tired of it's culture and people. I met some incredible people, saw some amazing art and ate fantastic food. Here is a brief run down of the trip.
Friday April 11 was the opening of the Digmeout show at the Sony building in Ginza. Good times meeting the new class of 2008.

Taniguchi san.Beth, Muneo, artist and Furitani of digmeout.
Spent some time with the SAG crew. Great bags. Nice folks.

U-ta from SAG got creamed on his birthday.

SAG is one of the sponsors for Fractal Edge. Compounds June show with MHAK and OEIL from Tokyo.

Attended a few live paint events.

Oeil at Office.

Questa, Mhak and Oeil at Kicks Lab.

Jon Jon green at saloon.

Visited with Norman at Suspereal.

Suspereal is also a sponsor of the Fractal Edge show in June.

His apparel line is super nice. Check it out.

Friends and artists.

Artists Imaone and Tenga.

Photographer Joji.

Fujie, DJ Arashi, Ogi, Devon and Taniguchi heading out to the clubs.

Artist Meg aka Trip. It is impossible to snap a picture of her without the goofy face.

Keito from Naughty. Another sponsor for Fractal Edge.

artist Ina Takayuki. DJ practice in the a.m.

Artist Mari Kubota. 8 and a half months pregnant and texting on the subway in Osaka.

Few many after party with medicom, mad barbarians, rolito and devil robots. Few Many is an awesome store and mini gallery in Shinjuku.

Yosuke from grandbase and is an amazing arts website.

Artist kaz at our favorite sushi place in Nakameguro.

Artist Oeil.

Artist MHAK.
Artist Lucky Boy.

I miss Japan, but I am glad to be home.

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1000yregg said...

Looks like you had a great time there- AGAIN.
I need to come hang out with you again out in Tokyo.