Monday, July 7, 2008

Super Opening for Ready Set Go

Thursdays opening was damn good. It's always great when you have a small group show and everyone gets some action. Each artist has their unique style and they mixed well with the Portland crowd. We were real happy that Tatiana Krasovski came up from LA for the show. The Compound website will be updated later tonight with show photos. The virtual tour will be updated mid week. Here are a couple photos from the show.

Beth, Tatiana, Aya and Candice on opening night.

On a side note...... I was discussing this show with another art person in Portland recently. He thought the idea of an all female show was bad. He also thought it was sexist. I explained that the show was not planned as an all female show. I had recently worked with all of these artists and admire each of their works greatly. It was natural to pick my favorites for a summer show. This indicates my personal taste at this time. That's the big secret of how I schedule shows at Compound. I PICK ART THAT I LOVE! I am not trying to impress or gain fame for the gallery by only choosing "famous" artists. I love the idea of supporting the unknown and providing them with a forum to grow. It's about the art. So far it seems to be pretty damn successful. And then I think to myself......... so what if it's an all female show or an all male show or an all Japanese show or any combination............. It's just a big fun experiment. If I like it, I hang it.


Anneli Olander said...

hey Matt, a word of advice to your friend: study art history. He will find that most artists are men. In fact, women were considered not to be able to make art, and so the only women who used to do art didn't use their real names but used male names instead to be accepted. They never got the cred. What you are doing is giving women some artspace where we can breathe and be our self. So even though you didn't want to mix art and politics- let's say we do- then I'd vote for you ;)

Matt said...

Thanks..... It is true that through out history female artists have been pushed into the role of being second to men. Camille Claudel and Lee Krasner come to mind. Fantastic artists overshadowed by the men in their life. They were equals but did not get the same treatment. Times have changed for the better. I am not trying to make a statement, but if shows like this level the playing field, that's pretty cool. I just don't over think these things.

Anneli Olander said...

nah same here really, I want to just create art and enjoy it! but sometimes I just can't shut up anyways haha ;) Peace n love Matt, and I hope we sell lots of art for Ready Set Go eh? ;)